Laboratory Overview

  • EDA Lab

    EDA lab has an area of 120 square meters. It is equipped with Active-HDL package, Lab View 8.5 software, DAQ cards, GPIB cards, digital storage oscilloscope, TLA 5000 logic analyzer, signal generator, CPLDEPM 7128S experiment development kits etc, making it possible to offer experimental environment for such courses as EDA Technology, Visual Instruments, etc. The laboratory is well equipped with possibilities for hardware design, software simulation and debugging for engineering practice and innovation.


    Innovation Lab

    Innovation lab covers a total area of 170 square meters. It is supplied with Xscale PXA270 experiment box, DSP platform, Pocket PC, wireless sensor components, NXT Bluetooth robots, computers, etc. There are experimental devices required for project team and graduate courses, such as Digital Signal Processing, Wireless Sensor Network, etc.


    Embedded Systems Lab

    Embedded systems lab has a total area of 190 square meters. It is well equipped with experiment box with SAMSUNG S3G 2410 processor and GPS module, GPRS module, FPGA module, Bluetooth module, infrared module, USB video camera, USB wireless network card, Can communication module, radio frequency card and bar code scanning module. It makes it possible to offer experimental environment critical to such courses as Embedded Systems Design, Embedded Operating System, Embedded Software Design based on WinCE.


    Software Testing Lab

    Software testing lab occupies a total area of 112 square meters. It is supplied with IBM Rational testing tools and free testing software, including IBM Rational Functional Tester, IBM Rational Manual Tester, IBM Rational Performance Tester, IBM Rational Purify Plus, IBM Rational Robot, Xunit, and Web Application Stress of Microsoft. The laboratory provides the experimental environment for software testing. Lab experiments include software testing, test case design and the method to use testing tools, which greatly improves students’ abilities of software testing and test case design.


    Network Lab

    Network lab covers a total area of 120 square meters. It is well equipped with Tsinghua NE 3000, NE1000 network teaching laboratory system, wireless access network and laptops, which makes it possible for network device configuration, network construction and network protocol verification. The laboratory provides support that is critical to teaching, scientific innovation, engineering practice and scientific contests.


    Information Security Lab

    Information security lab has an area of 112 square meters, well equipped with experiment facilities for network information security, USB video cameras, USB wireless network card, etc. Experiments cover a wide range, including cryptograph algorithm, cryptography application, digital hiding, security audit, host security, network attack, firewall, intrusion detection, virus attack and protection, security protocol, redundancy technology, etc. The laboratory makes it possible to offer experimental environment critical to such courses as Computer Virus and Immune System, Digital Multimedia Information Security, Network Information Security, Network and System Security Risk Assessment, Secure Operating System, Protocol in Security Analysis and Testing, Mobile Communication Security, etc.